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Greydon Tomkowitz Communications is a boutique public relations and digital strategy firm serving clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to local startups. 


We specialize in dynamic social media content creation, website copy construction with SEO optimization, virtual event consulting, content creation and photography. 

We help businesses maximize their online presence, grow their social followings and boost their brand with effective social media content and engaging virtual events.


Social Media

We provide top notch social media content for clients in a variety of fields by using proprietary audience analytics techniques to tailor posts for maximum engagement. 

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Influencer Outreach

We help boost brands by forging partnerships with the names people know in the field to lend credibility and approachability to posts and events.

Digital Advertising

Get your message in front of the people that matter with effective digital advertising across all major platforms. 

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Virtual Events

Reach your audience no matter where they are! We help create and manage engaging and high quality virtual event experiences for customers and employees alike. 

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Website Design

Help your customers find you fast with dynamic website content and design using industry best practices in SEO aware copy writing.



Shine as an individual or a brand with high quality photos!


Virtual PizzaFest!

We worked with the GoodTaste! Pittsburgh team to organize the first virtual presentation of PizzaFest! A Slice of Delish! Prior to the event, we provided coaching services to the GoodTaste! staff and the event presenters on virtual event best practices and effective use of Zoom for meetings and events. In addition, we worked with their team to setup the webinar event, integrate event registration with online ticket vendors, and create an engaging graphic set for use throughout the event. We managed a full dress rehearsal and the live presentation of the event, facilitating audio and video transitions between various presenters as well as prepared content.

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