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Peer Mentor
January 2020 - Present

As a peer mentor at the Undergraduate Speaking Center, I work with students on campus preparing for speeches and presentations to outline their content, prepare visuals, rehearse their performance and manage speech anxiety.

Visit the Speaking Center website for more information or to schedule an appointment to meet with me! 

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I assist students at the very start of their speech writing process by brainstorming speech topics and exploring possible avenues through those topics to be explored.


I review student's draft scripts and outlines with them to discuss possible changes to elevate language, enhance clarity and ensure any assignment requirements are met.


I work with students to craft effective visuals for use during their presentations and revise any presentation aides detracting from the quality of the presentation.


I listen to students as they rehearse and provide feedback regarding tone, speed, inflection and body language. Additionally, I work with students experiencing speech anxiety to develop strategies to manage their stress

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